Richard Stelmach

Web design, illustration & art

I am a designer, mostly of the web sorts and have been for over ten years now. At the moment I am particularly enjoying rapid prototyping & its inclusion in a test driven design cycle. I have studied UX design & it has been an integral part of my process, throughout my career. Lately I have been developing my mobile & tablet optimisation skills, animating SVGs and looking at the abundance of CSS frameworks.

Outside of design, I also enjoy illustration. As well as creating comic strips, I have also undertaken some commissions, including a children's A to Z.

I like the outdoors. A lot. Consequently, I take an abundance of photographs and later paint some of them.

Latest Blog Offering

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Optimisation with CSS Media Queries

Mobile optimising your website, using Responsive Web Design, can initially be a daunting experience but anyone who is familiar with CSS will find the process relatively easy. A common method is to use media queries to serve CSS, based on the browser’s dimensions. iPhones are 320×480, the Samsung S3 is 360×640, the iPad has a resolution of 1024×768 and there … Continue reading